Flashing back to primary school I always remember Impulse being a mandatory thing we would always spray on between classes and on breaks!

It was also and isle stopper at the supermarket! I remember having to stop and smell each scent every time and then run around the store to try find my mum and sneak it into the trolley. 
When I saw Impulse had re-launched their brand with 9 different scents the primary school memories flooded back.
The whole week I’ve been carrying ‘Tease’ around in my bag, this is the one that’s brought back those memories for me. I love refreshing with it when I am on the go, between events, meetings, work, plus it fits so nicely in my bag.
Really gives me that fresh summer feel I am after on a daily basis.
Purchase – Impulse
Photography – Ludo Petrik
                      – Emma Hoareau

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