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Being amongst the glitz and the glamor for one night goes as follows…

What girl doesn’t love getting all dressed up and showing off the new dress she just got or an awesome lip colour.

I can’t say I’ve been to a more glamorous place than Monte Carlo in South of France, not only is there the designer stores and flashy cars but the architecture and design completely blew me away. I don’t think I could find one thing in that city that isn’t beautiful.

Before my trip I was browsing through the new MLM collection and this LBD literally made my jaw drop! I love an exposed back, and a dress with pockets, it was the perfect length and the perfect dress to be paying a cheeky visit to the casino in.

We checked out the beautiful scenery and pretty sure it was the hottest day I’ve ever experienced! Aside that we walked about the coastline, stopped for ice cream, took lots of photos, peace signs here and there and just enjoyed the day.

We weren’t staying in Monte Carlo the night (unfortunately) so we found a lovely public bathroom, got dolled up for a night in the town. And of course with my partner in crime Caitlyn Paterson, we had so much fun!

Make sure you definitely add South of France to your European summer itinerary.

MLM the Label | Black bandeau v dress

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