Alexandra Cuthill,  (Alex) started her Blog when she moved to Sydney from the Sunshine Coast in 2012.

Alex started her blog 6 years ago and has been able to turn content creation and having a digital landscape into a career that she loves and can share with her readers. 

Rewind 6 years, she knew nothing about the creative industry. worked in real estate, the mines, hospitality and has now found something she is passionate about and loves doing every day.

Throughout her channel she publishes articles and imagery covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. Alex has developed skills to become a digital entrepreneur and is currently working on some exciting projects.

Alex is constantly seeking the next adventure she can vicariously take her social media audience along. With an infectiously positive outlook on life, she is always encouraging her readers to be the very best versions of themselves and is an advocate for maintaining authenticity.

Alex’s Instagram feed is cohesive to the quintessential Australian Summer, boasting her favourite Australian / International labels in beautiful locations such as Sydney, Queensland, Croatia, Greece and Bali.

Alex has worked with some of the industry’s leading brands including, Converse, Cotton On, QT Hotels, ASUS, SONY, UE Boom, Dyson, Renault, PayPal, French Connection, FOREO, Bonds, Status Anxiety, Clarins, Edwards and Co, Estee Lauder, Portmans and was also one of five bloggers who flew to New York in 2015 with Impulse Fragrances.

Alex is looking forward to an exciting 2020 and is excited to see how she can work with you.

To say hello or work with Alex, please email contact@alexandracuthill.com