Meet your match and have the ideal travel companion.

Having good luggage is essential. I’ve been on trips with people who have taken old luggage, or not the best quality luggage and its ended in broken zips, straps and then forking out travel money for another bag they don’t have much time to consider if it is a good investment or not.

So here’s why I went with American Tourister and why it made my travels and transits care free.

The last thing you want on your first stop over is grabbing your heavy bag off the carousel to re check in, however this was made easy by the qualities of American Tourister.

Four wheels – it makes a HUGE difference, try lugging around a 32kg suitcase with only two wheels… Yup that was me last year in Europe, although it made my arms toned it was not fun nor ideal at the time and resulted in complaining, which on holidays for me is a no. So thank you four wheels for saving my arms, transiting was made so easy.

Does anyone else have the packing to much issue? It’s always the struggle trying to zip the bag up at the beginning of the trip and don’t even get me started at the end. That’s when I google travel packing hacks hahaha.

For New York City with Impulse Fragrances I had planned a lot of my outfits and was lucky everything fit perfectly and I knew I had an extremely well made case for my travels that is going to last me for many years and adventures to come. So keep a look out for when you can spot it on my next travels.

American Tourister

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