Mesop Dress – Basics


Mesop Dress – Bascis



BASICS: We can all agree that having the colour basics are just as important as the black, white and grey. So delivering to you is a highly rotational item with a style very familiar in my wardrobe. I am slightly on the curvy side (which I love) so having a wrap style has always seemed more flattering for me and simply just always looks good.


A basic item in the form of a wrap style in dresses and skirts has lately been optimised to every day wear. If you’re in a rush, find you’re always on the go, it is a good outlet to be prepared with easy to slip on items that can get you through a casual or more smart occasion. Versatile items are definitely what I look for when shopping and finding those basic every day pieces, so look around for items you can mix and match and wear transseasonal.


A basic staple like this, is definitely a summer go to and I know this brand is bringing out lots of pieces you can have fun with, pre warning you may spend half an hour or more just looking through all their new arrivals…..

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