I am finally uploading the amazing experiences of Croatia that I encountered! I couldn’t hide it from you any longer!!

This place was absolutely mind blowing, every corner, bang! Bang! Bang! Jaw dropping every time!

The array of blue hues, as the perfect blue sky met the ocean on the horizon, the clouds creating darker blue shadows on the water and the shallow crystal clear waters – My. Mind. Was. Blown.
It was better in the photographs and the travels pictures I had previously seen.

I am blessed to have family all across Europe, my second stop on my travels was this beautiful country they call Croatia. The whole place sweeps with beauty and very cliche of course… I didn’t want to leave.

Flying into Zadar was absolutely beautiful, as the sun was setting, my heart was racing with excitement as the exploration of another new place was about to unfold and I was so excited to see family and the people apartment they had walking distance to the sea.

I will quickly tell you now all the places I visited in Croatia as I think I could write a novel on each town haha.

ZADAR – extremely beautiful town by the ocean. Where you find gorgeous huts and bars right on the beach or bars over looking the ocean. There was an amazing pier with a 10m diving platform which was very thrilling to jump off, to get there you had to walk right around the beach where you’ll also meet a giant ocean pool.

One of my favourite things was the ‘sea organs’ a place all the locals and tourists would gather to watch the exceptional and magnificent quintessential sunset. The wind and sea would brush up against these grand stand like stairs leading into the ocean, creating beautiful chimes.

HVAR – After a two hour bus ride from Zadar to split, I waited patiently with my cousin and friend for the ferry which would take us to the “party” island of Croatia. My cousin Alex had organized a Air BnB apartment where we spent the next three days in the glorious beaming sun that we had been craving, as it was well into the Sydney winter when we departed.

Different activities included – tanning bed hopping, trying every cocktail, swimming, jumping off piers, lots of walking to discover so many beautiful things.

Hoola hoola bar and Carpe Diem were my top two favourite bars. It was out of control fun and filled with many travelers of course.

Watch out for sea urchins and make sure you try the local grappa wine – amazing.

BOL BRAC – a gorgeous quiet escape after experiencing party central, by this time we needed a break, was time to just eat, explore and relax and keep things tame.

This is a must see town with the famous ‘golden horn’ beach, have a look at my photo or google it for a better idea! Will take your breath away!!

As we walked around the island and were awaiting to come across the famous beach we stopped…Like I said, every moment was jaw dropping. A dream of mine had come true! We found this amazing giant inflatable playground! I died! I always thought those things were a Myth! I’ll let you guess what we did next haha.

Hope you enjoyed my Croatian travel photos…. There’s more to come on the next destination I went too!!


All photos taken on an iPhone 5 and edited with Afterlight

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