Even though all beaches in Australia are amazing, this is considered one of the whitest sand beaches in the world!

In the world and only three hours away from Sydney. I visited Jervis Bay in passing a couple of months ago and was dying to go back.
The weather in Sydney wasn’t amazing over the weekend, so we thought let’s try our chances in heading away and we were so lucky to have the clouds disappear and blue skies all weekend, plus pitching a tent at 10:30pm is always an interesting yet, actually easy task.. please let me know if you ever pitch a tent in the dark.

There is so many things to do. The two times I’ve been to Jervis Bay, I’ve seen all sorts of wildlife including dolphins and it makes the most amazing setting for any sort of beach picnic, camping and exploring the broad national park and beaches.

Dricoper Denim is a quality denim Australian label I’ve grown very fond over the last year. They produce amazing denim and I always get lots of inspiration on Pinterest with all the amazing beach inspired posts (Alex Cuthill)  and Jervis Bay was the most picturesque setting. Their variety of denim is accommodating for all tastes and I definitely had an extended list of all my favourites which is always a good sign…

From Shorts to Jeans, chambray’s to Jackets you’ll easily be able to find something you love to add to your Christmas list.

Denim – Dricoper Denim

Photography – Adam Rikys

Sunglasses – Roc Eyewear

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