Winter days have never had me using electronics to stay warm, however my obsession for electronics and appliances is ever increasing and when I saw the Dyson, I was so excited to trial it in my Sydney art deco apartment over this Winter.

Prior to my Dyson days I was really getting over the layering up at night and waking up with my socks half off or lost in the sheets, so being the minimal night sleeper I am, I am now no longer layering up or searching for my socks.

The Dyson Heat & Cool Fan Heater, features high heating temperatures, fan width, rotation to reach maximum space and efficiently fast at getting my room to the selected temperature.

The main feature I’ve been utilising is the timer, before I shower for bed I put it on a three hour timer to heat the room for when I get out, can fall asleep all toasty and know it will automatically switch off during the night.

You’re new Dyson, which yes you should invest in as soon as you can. Will aesthically suit your home, in any room. It comes in a range of colours, all easy to clean. You can situatate the Dyson beside your bed, next to the lounge or on top of a side table. Any position to get you cosy and comfortable this Winter.

Gets yours here -> Dyson Hot + Cool

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