Importance of a Beauty Regime

As my skin is prone to break outs from time to time (currently enduring one), I’ve been maintaining a consistent beauty regime morning and night, to help achieve the results of clear, clean and back to normal skin.

Over the last week I’ve been using the PHisohex product, which is antibacterial and designed to kill the bacteria causing pimples and not dry out your skin.

Since using the product, I’ve seen noticeable results. My pimples have gone from large painful lumps under my skin to smaller spots that are clearing up, which you can semi see in these photos as they are unedited.

It is so important to maintain a clean and well cleansed face, especially before bed.
This product is a well balanced ph solution to help reduce and keep these naughty blemishes far away.

Photography | Wes Tan

PHisohex | PHisohex