Are you looking for a way to optimise your work out and wirelessly?

Jaybirds have perfected the wireless sound and the way you can now work out, without the interruption of cords and worrying about damages.

I was so adapted to using the headphones that came with my iPhone and was never aware of the technology and quality behind a really good pair, especially now being introduced to wireless technology.

If you’re yet to experience a quality pair of headphone’s, it’s definitely time to seek yourself a pair that can optimise an activity necessary of music, concentration and noise cancelling.

This pair is particularly aimed at those more active and will make the perfect fit for a beach run,  outdoor gym session and just your regular solo beach session if you’re down to just bliss out and listen to some tunes and have some YOU time, which I love doing.

If you have a job which requires you to be on the phone all day, its a great way to reduced any ricks of actually having you headset close to your face all day. I make a lot of calls for work and could simply not do this without a great pair of headphones.

This impressive technology comes with an app to enhance the way you can listen and up the bass to your favourite tracks.

Happy listening via bluetooth.



Sports Bra

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