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Fresh after laser hair removal


From Razor to Laser!

First time experiencing Laser Hair Removal? It was mine too and I wouldn’t look back! It is a see for yourself experience and the results feel amazing. The first time can be quite daunting and for me, it slightly was. These emotions were instantly calmed after being welcomed into Laser Clinics Australia in Sydney’s Potts Point.

My session begun with a consultation regarding my skin, the process, then we were right into the laser part. It didn’t take long at all and Melissa who lead the session was very tentative throughout.   

So then come the results.

The fresh all day feeling under your arms, no hair and no worries. I literally was shaving my underarms every single night and since my treatment i’ve only had to once after the first few days. I’ve been catching myself reaching for the razor out of habit and it is such a good feeling seeing how clean and hairless my underarms remain.

I chose to get my top lip done as when I would do my make up in the morning I could notice the black hairs, this wasn’t something I was embarrassed about, it is nice to have a carefree feeling as some days it was more noticeable than others. Underarms was the big one as i’m sure for you it’s an area we are constantly giving much razor attention to.

There are still a few more sessions I have to complete my laser hair removal process, watch this space!

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Key take outs.

  • No more dealing with plastic razors for the satisfaction of one-two days hair free.
  • No more replacing blunt razors.
  • No more worrying if you forgot to shave or not.
  • Fresh feeling morning through to evening.
  • No uncomfortable underarm sweating.
  • Travel without worrying you packed your razor or not.
  • Carefree feeling.
  • Hassle free.
  • Hairless!