Is out – Of late I’ve been receiving compliments on how my skin is looking, which of course is amazing to hear and that’s why I want to share with you my regime.

As you may have seen in previous posts, I have suffered from breakouts, scaring and dry skin. It was made one of this years focus’ and resolutions to really control my skin and maintain it in a way leaving me happy and glowing and I believe I can really start to see my happy healthy skin coming out which makes my inner happiness shine a little more. ☀️

So a few things that are a must for me.

– Cleansing with Herbalife, this includes their citrus cleanser / toner.

– Herbalife day or night moisturizer.

– Jojoba eye cream

– Jojoba, blemish serum

What has really saved my skin that I’ve used everyday without fail for the past six months morning and evening has been the Jojoba Pure Oil, I’ll either apply it on its own at night or mix with my night cream and every morning I’ll apply with a daily moisturizer under my make-up, leaving me with a dewy complexion all day, I couldn’t go a day without using it now.

I’ve started getting my friends to use the Jojoba oil, and they are loving the result of having healthy and healed skin and so am I.

If you’d like any extra tips or have stories to share would love for you to get in contact with me.


Al x

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