Its no secret that I am addicted to food and can quite honestly say I never feel full because I could just keep filling my belly with amazingness.


When you see something awesome from a distance you give yourself no option but to keep walking closer to check it out. And Yup, there was no disappointment from investigating the crisp exterior, from the inside and the dining experience Panzerotti shared with my best friend Julia and I. 


What was on the Menu? 


Chestnut mushroom crostini, garlic, chili, eshallots and parsley & Salumi and prosciutto plate, house made flat bread & pickles with pecorino cheese. 


Boscaoila Pasta with mushrooms, pancetta, caramelized onions, cream.

Roasted pork belly, steamed greens, pancetta, corn puree. 


The first thing I always look for at a restaurant is hands down always the service. It always makes up for any mishaps throughout the experience however in this case there were none. 


It was so lovely being greeting by Michael who was friendly and attentive with a passion to making our experience most enjoyable. Francesco is the head chef who did a marvelous job of the beautifully presented and delicious dishes. 


Key Positives: Vegetable puree, pork belly, pasta, mushroom, caramelized onions, yup sold! These are some of my favourite things in a dish. And, they did them oh so well. It was one of those moments your eyes light up with excitement. The starters was a great introduction for the main course that I would go back to order each time I take somewhere there again, highly recommendable on the pasta and always all for selecting at least one dish off the special menu.


Enjoy the pictures and I am sure all your mouths are watering like mine still is.   


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