Home wares for me is like a kid in a candy store! I. Am. Obsessed. I was so happy when I got in contact with Phoebe, one of the co owners of the store. Phoebe was so great to talk to; I asked her a few questions about where she started off and what inspires her to build such an amazing store with amazing goodies from all over the world! 

Above, is one of my favourite pieces from the store which is perfect for beside your bed, next to the couch or built in furniture. 


Below are some questions I asked phoebe about her amazing store and the dream she is living. 

1. Favourite three places you’ve travelled?

I am India obsessed and this would be my favourite place in the world. Love travelling to Mumbai and throughout Rajasthan… You just can’t beat that energy! My second favourite place is Fez and the surrounding towns in Morocco. The medina, hidden riads and scenery around Moulay Idriss is an experience I’ll never forget! Lastly, the French Riviera – the glamour and stunning beaches just make you feel like a rockstar even when you’re just a regular girl from Melbourne!

2. Where have you found majority of products?

The majority of our products are produced in India. I loosely design our ranges in Australia with my sister, Jemma, before heading over to India and experimenting with various artisanal techniques to get exactly what we want… I absolutely love this process! We also travel to Turkey and Morocco and will hopefully be adding other places to the list in the future.

3. What’s in like being in a foreign country and searching for products, how do you know where to look?

 It is exhilarating! We have a great relationship with our artisans and and there is nothing more rewarding than taking an idea and seeing it through to the finished, handmade product. We also do lots of sourcing to bring our customers really special, one-of-a-kind textiles and furniture… I can’t tell you where to look, because that would be giving away all our trade secrets, but I will say some of the best pieces we’ve found have been in the middle of a wild goose chase. Often the journey turns up something magical… It’s just about keeping our eyes open.

4. Do you have any tips when finding these products?

My best advice would be to trust your gut instinct. Travelling to places like India, Turkey and Morocco means you have to be able to see through a lot of the selling spiel and work things out for yourself. Do your research but give equal weight to what your gut is telling you. It rarely lets me down!

5. Is it hard not too keep one of everything? (I would find it so difficult haha)

Soooo hard!!! Unbearably hard!!! If I had it my way, I would keep one of everything… But, my Husband is regularly in my ear saying that I can’t expect to run a successful home wares business if I want to keep it all for myself! He’s right but it doesn’t make it any easier packing up my favourite cushion or wardrobe and sending it out to a customer. Lucky all our pieces go to such lovely homes.

6. How did you first start out in the industry?

 I actually come from a law background but realised pretty early on that I spent all my spare time browsing home wares magazines and blogs and regularly rearranging and styling my home. Being surrounded by beautiful things is really important to me. So I made the switch, starting as an in-house stylist at Country Road head office before taking the plunge and opening Sage and Clare. It’s been an interesting journey to this point, but my experience in law and in styling means I can switch between putting my business hat on in the morning and then be creative in the afternoon designing and styling.

7. What inspires you?

Travel… I just have this permanent sense of wanderlust and urge to explore. The more culturally different a place, the more inspired I am. Walking the bazaars and souks of the world just can’t be beaten!





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