Finders keepers is always finding a way into my wardrobe and keeping me oh so happy.

Going through their latest looks turns into a tough decision of what to choose as Fashion Bunker has so much amazingness. – By the way its 25% off storewide!! Head to their website to find out the code word.

Skirts and tops have found their way into my most fond and worn style of late. My skirt collection is getting ridiculously good and amazingly out of control and I love it and my collection of backless tops is forever growing. From the colour, to the style, the length, the pattern and cut of this skirt, this new delight from Finders Keepers, immediately caught my eye. I’ve had it for five days and have worn it…guilty…three times already, one of which was with another backless strappy but black top.

Noosa is every sunshine coast goers dreamy beachside escape with so much on offer (which I’ll be telling you about in an upcoming post). Mummy and I took the shops and café’s and finished up with a nice boardwalk stroll back to the car. Definitely one of those places where the novelty never wears off.

Skirt – Coming Soon | Fashion Bunker

Sunglasses – Sunday Somewhere

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