Whats your favourite thing to do? I think most of us will have this in common when I say one of mine would have to be the beach.

Especially in Sydney, blessed with some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, I am just endlessly exploring them. Being fortunate enough living in Sydney’s beautiful East I am surrounded by water and always stuck with the decision of which bay I should go to… Which I’ll be sharing my top five bays in a later post this week and why I may choose to go to them over… Bondi for example.

Never really being bikini confident I thought I would do something different for myself and do something fun in a bikini, which surprisingly I am super happy with, maybe its just my amazing photographer and him getting the angles right haha.

As I am forever exploring, one of my favourite places is this…Parsley Bay. Please add it to the ‘to do’ list. It’s where forest meets amazing clear blue coastlines with all these fun nooks to explore. I won’t ruin too much just go there and explore!!

Whilst adventuring don’t forget to take your amazing boater hat with you!!

Photography | Wes Tan – The Man

Boater Hat | Lack of Color

IMG_76081 IMG_76071 IMG_75101 IMG_76031 IMG_76051 IMG_73961 IMG_76021 IMG_76041 IMG_74031

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