Okay, so this is what a Sydney Winter looks like. We’re pretty lucky right?

After being sick all week all I wanted to do was get out of the house, adventure and embrace one of my favourite spots in Sydney.

Since working for myself i’ve had to get a little creative and mix up my day to day outfits and what I wear casually. I’ve added a few oversize denim jackets to my collection and absolutely love this one as I can rock it with double denim or a nice pair of trackies that I wear on high rotation.

You’ve head of UE Boom right? If you haven’t, check out their latest compact speaker, I am in love with it, not only because it is pink but because it is small, loud and waterproof. So in a few months, when i’m soaking up the Bali sun in the pool, so will my new UE Wonderboom.

After losing quite a lot of confidence last year, It was my goal this year to focus more on myself, feeling good and being really healthy again. I frequently visit Cali Press juice where they offer these amazing tonics which are great to shot first thing in the morning. And also their juices are great for people who are on the go and don’t get the regular fruit intake they need daily, so highly recommend a weekly visit to one of their stores if you’re in Sydney.

If you’re having a little self doubt, one thing I highly recommend doing for yourself is getting your hair done. I recently got a cut and colour at Edwards & Co (which i’ve always gone to in Sydney) and a week later I am still obsessed with the way it is maintaining itself and how healthy it looks. Ahh the little things.






UE Wonderboom sessions

UE Wonderboom sessions

UE Wonderboom sessions

UE Wonderboom sessions

UE Wonderboom sessions in Sydney

UE Wonderboom sessions in Sydney


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