• Sydney Harbour Marriott

    Alexandra Cuthill July 25, 2016

    Sydney Harbour Marriott Vacations! They’re needed several times a year, however unfortunately we may not get that luxury of taking them every year. So why not take a staycation? The idea is to choose a local area or the CBD to spend one or two nights which includes, indulging in room service, hotel facilities and also finding out what’s on in Sydney or your area. My girlfriend Olivia and I recently…

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  • Sunning Around

    Alexandra Cuthill November 24, 2014

    Whats your favourite thing to do? I think most of us will have this in common when I say one of mine would have to be the beach. Especially in Sydney, blessed with some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, I am just endlessly exploring…

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  • Bali Bug

    Alexandra Cuthill November 17, 2014

    My idea of the bali bug, is quite similar to the travel one everyone is getting…it’s outrageous!! Haha, that urge to keep traveling, mine is to keep seeing all of what Bali has to offer and on my last visit I was lucky to see…

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  • Chocolat

    Alexandra Cuthill November 13, 2014

    As I previously wrote about my love for what’s behind those amazing wooden doors in Bali, this is another perfect example of what I was raving on about. Right smack bang in the middle is my favourite feature…. Any guesses? – – – A pool!…

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  • Uninterrupted Paradise

    Alexandra Cuthill November 9, 2014

    Villa hunting is always so much fun! As you’re driving down back alleys in the Seminyak streets, dodging cars, scooters and side walk stalls. You come across these amazing giant wooden doors. Which I’ve always wondered what’s behind them! Opening them is always so special…

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  • Villa Noa

    Alexandra Cuthill November 3, 2014

    When I frequent a country like bali, I like to experience new things and not the same old. I want to come back with different experience and more interesting stories than the last to tell. Whether its staying in a hotel or a villa I…

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  • Ubud Oasis

    Alexandra Cuthill October 29, 2014

    Writing a Blog post surrounded by a rainforest sanctuary really helped to open my mind, make me feel so at peace and very relaxed. Listening the trickling sounds of water, roosters and birds making their morning calls, laying by the pool, pen in one hand…

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  • IZE Seminyak

    Alexandra Cuthill October 23, 2014

    Choosing somewhere to stay in bali can’t always be an easy option. With so many amazing resorts, hotels and locations its requires a lot of researching and decision making. However thank you LUXE NOMAD for making this decision easier for me. We wanted somewhere central,…

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  • Croatia!

    Alexandra Cuthill September 22, 2014

    I am finally uploading the amazing experiences of Croatia that I encountered! I couldn’t hide it from you any longer!! This place was absolutely mind blowing, every corner, bang! Bang! Bang! Jaw dropping every time! The array of blue hues, as the perfect blue sky…

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