The first day of summer is an overwhelming joy for the next three months of what amazing things, adventures and  experiences lay ahead and the amazing people you will meet.

2015 has definitely been one of those obstacles years, but by the end of it, has lead to amazing things and people I want to have in my life forever.

Creating things on a daily basis that make you happy is a huge daily goal for me, I never want to, again experience the feeling of wanting to escape and that is an amazing path to be on.

Visiting beautiful places like Hyams Beach on the weekend, grabbing a buddy and exploring the national park, pitching a tent and sitting with a bunch of new and interesting people around the campfire is exciting and adds to the every day adrenalin of life.

It’s the little things that turn to big things that get me excited about life and make me want to keep exploring these endless coastlines and interestingnes along the way, I mean look how beautiful this is! White on white with a touch of pink and touquoise. Definitely my most favorable colour combination.

Ive managed to accumulate quite the denim collection this year, from brand new to vintage and I am loving the way the Dricoper denim range has suited my body shape and the amazing detail and quality.  Definitely keep an eye out for more featuring across my Instagram. I’m so excited to also offer you 20% off using the code ‘Sum20’. Perfect for those pre Christmas buys and ventures.

Another one of my favourite online stores ‘Runway Scout’ which I think I have something from every season because it’s so amazing has yet another amazing summer range and I absolutely love the high neck top with the cut out long detailing at the back.

If you’re after some bohemian flair and dainty jewellery, Samantha Wills has been surprising me all year with her intricate gorgeous rings with tourquise and pearls gracing your eyes with chic and elegance. I’ve never felt the need to have so much jewellery!!

Denim shorts | Dricoper Denim

Top | Runway Scout

Jewels | Samantha Wills

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