I’m not the only girl who deals with frizz on a daily basis now am I? 

I’ll either iron the frizz out or throw my hair into a low messy bun, but it would be nice to naturally fight the frizz away without heat damage.
Having naturally curly hair, frizz is kind of a given and my hair is always dry from using heat all the time.
I was given the ‘7 Day Keratin Smooth’ collection to manage my frizz in a non damaging way and over the last week I am loving the results and haven’t been using my straightener every day which is a first, so it’s been keeping my every day styling a lot easier.
After seven days of using these salon products the manageability of my hair has lasted through washes and stays frizz free, I do like to straighten a few curls or add a few more so I’m loving adding the thermal heat technology to my ends for extra hair love.
See below for products at great prices.
7 DAY Keratin Smooth Shampoo – Buy
7 DAY Keratin Smooth Conditioner – Buy
7 DAY KERATIN Smooth Heat Activated Treatment – Buy
Photography – Emma Hoareau

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