Writing a Blog post surrounded by a rainforest sanctuary really helped to open my mind, make me feel so at peace and very relaxed.

Listening the trickling sounds of water, roosters and birds making their morning calls, laying by the pool, pen in one hand and cocktail in the other, was my perfect way of serenity.

This wasn’t the holiday to embark on drunken adventures, it was a holiday for quality time, memories to make and see new things in all different perspectives.

I feel so lucky to share with you my travels through my eyes and experiences – Please share with me your thoughts.

Ps. My boyfriend has been great at learning photography skills very quickly, he sure knows how to angle that iPhone haha.

Prior to bali, the thing to do is research places where you’d like to stay. One of our locations was Ubud and the other was Seminyak (as I wrote about in a previous post). I found myself constantly opening new tabs on the computer and strap for choosing something that just screamed LETS STAY THERE!

Luxe Nomad made our decision so easy (I think the site was made for me haha). We couldn’t surpass having our own private pool villa, it was a first for me and is such a luxury so it was an immediate yes.

Throughout my photo series it will take you on a journey of our most fond experiences, from giant day beds, pools, outdoor showers, cocktails, amazing backdrops, etc.

Surrounded by the beautiful balinese people, rice paddies and endless green scenery this resorts excites me to return. I thought getting leis was only a Hawaiian thing, was so sweet how the balinese greeted us. We felt so welcome and the service was outstanding!!

Thank you Luxe Nomad for this amazing experience (one to never forget & definitely repeat)!



IMG_5717 IMG_5716 IMG_4795 IMG_5713 IMG_5712 IMG_4876 IMG_5711 IMG_5683 IMG_4659 IMG_5362 IMG_5349 IMG_4660 IMG_5695 IMG_5720 IMG_4877 IMG_5714 IMG_5202 IMG_5718 IMG_5080 IMG_5715 IMG_5719

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