So, now that January is over, the silly season is over, too right? I don’t think I’ve ever had a busier start to the year. So much is on and so much is happening (all exciting things). Now Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! The perfect excuse to treat yourself.

I always opt for wearing something more comfortable and I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful jumpsuit off Glue Store

I love how flowy it is and you can kind of get away with it looking like a dress.  With it being so hot lately, I’ve been opting for sneakers with all my outfits but this dress is definitely perfectly paired with black, nude or white strapped heels.

If you could go on any date in Sydney, what would it be? – Sydney definitely has to be one of the best date cities.

One of my favourite Sydney dates was a Valentine’s Day, three years ago. We got on the Hop on Hop off ferry which took us to Fort Denison, enjoyed a three-course meal and had an amazing experience, definitely unforgettable.

For more Sydney date, dress options see my choices off Glue Store below.

Dress 1.

Dress 2. 

Dress 3. 


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